Our Printmaking Classes

Printmaking as an art has existed for long, but it is constantly evolving and transforming. Our educational programs on printmaking are divided into introductory and advanced classes.

Introductory Courses

Looking to gain mastery of printmaking without having to dive deep into the details and specifics? Then, the introductory printmaking course provides you with the very best opportunity to do so. Do you need an introductory knowledge on printmaking to build upon, on your way to becoming a printmaking pro?

Then, our course has sufficiently got you covered. The course covers various techniques such as collagraphy, mono-printing, lino carving, amongst others. If you have gotten a good grasp of your printmaking, you can take the semester classes.

Semester Classes

We have to note that the field of printmaking is quite a wide and vast one. There are many parts to pay attention to; in fact, an artist can choose to focus on one or a few parts and still do well. To ensure top quality delivery on courses and ensure students become the pros, they are made to be; we have broken most of the courses down.

Modern Printmaking

One of such courses is on contemporary printmaking. Printmaking has evolved. Currently, contemporary printmaking is flourishing, and it very well appears to be a promising field. This is because it is transforming. Digital approaches and methods are being made to bear on age-old and traditional methods of doing things. There are now new techniques. 

But it is not merely about the techniques. The materials and tools are changing and transforming, as well. Would it not be the best to be part of and be instrumental to that transformation? If you are ready to join in, then the Contemporary Printmaking course is best for you. The course covers everything about printmaking.

There is a lot of emphasis on practicals in this course. More importantly, students are given tasks, where they are expected to apply innovation to work on printmaking projects of their own. For this course, students will need quite a handful of tools and materials. This will range from printmaking plates and papers painting gear, tools for cutting, litho crayons, gloves, amongst others.

Fashion and Art Printing

Many do not know that a lot of fashion is rooted in arts; and that many clothing materials are artworks. You can learn how to create magic on fabric by taking up our course on fabric printing. This can be wide, as there are different fabric materials upon which artworks can be etched – jeans, fibre, cotton materials, and others. Furthermore, there are many techniques for making those beautiful fabric prints – screen-printing, block-printing, and more. But do not be overwhelmed as we have got you covered. 

An industry expert teaches our fabric printing course. You will be schooled in proper fabric printing methods, techniques, and tools from the theories and basics to the practical and advanced.