Our Ceramics Classes

Ceramics is one of the most popular aspects of art. All over the world, ceramics works are important tools of economic, cultural, and aesthetic value. Furthermore, ceramic arts has generated a lot of interest from aspiring students, and we have provided a rich program to fill that gap for top-notch ceramic art education.

Our ceramics program is quite rigorous, thorough, and comprehensive. This accounts for the considerable length of time that the program takes. Despite all of these, it was specifically designed to transform the complete beginner into a professional ceramic artist.

More importantly, it is broken down into parts to create a more measurable and gradual learning environment. We believe that rushing things will never benefit students, but a systematic and nuanced learning approach will.

Introductory Stages

The course’s initial phase covers the basics of ceramics art, such as the fundamental techniques, including wheel throwing, carving, and glazing. Students are also instructed on the management and use of tools, beautification works, amongst others.

Advanced Stages

The next phase of the course takes things a notch higher. Students start being introduced to more advanced knowledge, techniques, and way of doing things. Here, students imbibe basic hand-building as well as slip casting. The wheel-throwing knowledge gained in the initial and introductory classes is taken a notch higher. We will introduce them to more advanced wheel throwing methods here.

Another part of this section includes how to convert abstract ceramic ideas from paper to actualisation. Students will be able to make plaster moulds on the way to creating real sculptural vessels. Furthermore, we will introduce them to experimenting with different types of clays, increasing their creative and innovative capabilities.

Students start to take on more project works to demonstrate their advanced knowledge, albeit on a smaller and nuanced scale.

Ceramics and Decoration

The climax of the whole educational process is the program on ceramics and decoration. There is nothing good about ceramics – or indeed, any work of art if it is not appealing, attractive, and aesthetically pleasing. In fact, poor aesthetics defeats ceramics’ purpose, no matter how top-quality and highly functional it may be. Thus, we recognise that this is by far, one of the most important classes in the entire ceramics program.

Bearing in mind the importance of this section, we have committed so much effort in developing a detailed, rich, yet highly engaging program. First, the program features the traditional firing and finishing clay techniques while experimenting on different materials and tools. The emphasis here is on students thinking outside the box to arrive at high-quality work.

However, we do not stop here. We have to note that arts generally – and ceramics and sculptural work in particular – are evolving and are fast embracing technology. We see a lot of technological applications being used and implemented in developing quality works of art. Realising this, we have enriched our curriculum to feature the latest technology in developing, decorating, and beautifying ceramic works. We make use of 3D tech to visualise prototypes before converting them to real-life. This way, we have high-quality finishing on top-quality ceramic work.