Getting to Know Us

People. Arts. Craft. Talent Development. Cultural Preservation. Community. These and more are just some of the things that we stand for at Black Fellows Gully.

First, we are an art education organisation. However, beyond that, we are a community of persons aiming to build and nurture arts talents, irrespective of age. We provide comprehensive, well-taught bespoke programs that are aimed at developing professional artists out of complete beginners. Our atmosphere is quite relaxing and friendly for learning. 

We are believers that doing things the old school way will not benefit all of our students. The old system may hamper the creativity of many people and prevent them from showcasing their best. These are some of the things that we aim to correct. In turn, using modern, tested teaching models, we develop professionals, enabling everyone to grow at their own pace to becoming top-level artists. We emphasise cooperation, collaboration, and critical but independent thinking.

We have a belief in students undertaking projects themselves. Thus, right from the start of their programs, students will start to carry out projects. The emphasis here has always been infusing innovative, but independent thinking into whatever projects they carry out. This way, we can foster an atmosphere where innovation and creativity easily happens.

Our tutors are not merely industry professionals; they are high-level ones, for that matter. Most of them have earned accolades for their work, but most importantly, all of them are passionate about teaching their skills in the best student-friendly way possible.

Staying through our belief in encouraging innovation and independence, we have ensured that we provided students with vast areas of the art they can choose from. From sculpture to drawing, jewellery, printmaking, ceramics and painting, and more, whatever the interest or preference, there is something for everyone.

Still, in line with this, we have created different class and course structures and programs. This is borne out of our understanding that there are different student capabilities, interests, and needs. Thus the need for different course types to fit almost everyone. There are short courses aimed at those who want to focus on practical skills and achieve basic mastery in as short a time as possible. The programs in this category typically take a few days, weeks, or months. The focus is on teaching the fundamental skills needed to become grounded in that particular area of arts.

Furthermore, we also realised that some persons would prefer to go for in-depth, detailed courses and programs. This underscores the reason for our semester classes. In this case, students learn not only the rudimentary and fundamental but also the intermediate and advanced. Upon completion of these semester programs, students will have become full-blown art professionals. 

Even notable is the fact that we accommodate persons of all ages. Right from the age of 6, our doors are open to you. Thus, whether you are just starting or already experienced, there will always be something for you at Black Fellows Gully. We also host regular events, exhibitions, and workshops and encourage community partnerships and cohesion.