Our Semester Classes

Do you want to go quite in-depth with your learning? Do you want to gain particular mastery of an area of the Arts? Then you should go for our semester classes.

Our semester classes were designed to provide students with a comprehensive education on general or specific art areas. With semester courses, we will take the students through the details of such areas of art. They will understand deeply how all the integral parts of that area or topic work. Upon completion, students will be well on their ways to becoming pros in whatever area they choose. 

Younger Classes

We provide semester classes for younger age groups. This is based on our belief in excellence and the principle that excellence knows no age limit. However, for young arts talent to achieve such excellence, they must be properly skilled and nurtured. Thus, we have decided to “catch them young.” And to do this, we have designed bespoke educational content for them to become skilled in either general or specific area of arts of their choice.

Typically, the age limit starts from around 5 or 6 years, upward. We believe this is a fair age for a youngster to grasp whatever is being taught.

The students will be divided into separate classes based on their ages. An age group starts from 5/6 until 12 years of age. Here, students will be taught basic art activities. Our focus here is nurturing their curiosity and enabling them to choose their areas of specialisation, if they so choose. As a result, our tutors make sure to have personal interactions with each student. Furthermore, they are encouraged to take up projects based on their interests.

There is another category for students between 12 and 17 years; the goal here is developing basic technical and creative skills. 

Special Crafts

Keeping up with our goal of providing quality arts education regardless of your interests, there are semester classes for special and particular crafts. So, do you want to become a pro in ceramics, drawing handcrafts, or jewellery making? Then our semester classes for these are your best bet?

You might be wondering that the duration of the classes is quite lengthy. Have no worries because that is not the case. Although the classes take several weeks, the actual time set for each class is just a few negligible hours per week (mostly less than 4 hours weekly).

In essence, the semester classes are very flexible and comfortable to take up. This is because we have put in efforts to make taking these classes quite effortless for you. Many class-hour options span across the week for you to choose from. We should also let you know that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and to make studying easy for you, the classes will be virtual. In short, right from the comfort of your home, you can take up quality arts education and become a world-class professional artist.

More importantly, they do not consume time in any way. You can take these classes without altering your normal day-to-day schedule.