Our Painting Classes

Painting is one of the core areas of arts anywhere in the world. It arguably is the most popular part of Arts, and one of the most in-demand, especially when considering the business and financial part of it. A lot of money is poured into treasure painting works year after year; the painting works space is a multi-billion-dollar industry.

At the Black Fellows Gully, we recognise the importance of painting and the interest that many persons have in it. In turn, we have created different programs. Studies report that one of the biggest challenges budding painters face is access to quality education to refine and polish their skills. Look no further as we have made the efforts to produce some of the best painting education programs you can find around.

Notably, our educational programmes are meant for different backgrounds, persons, and interests. We believe in excellence, which involves bringing out the best in each individual. However, we also believe that we may not birth excellence in each individual if we subject everyone to the same standards, training, and education. Some may be fast learners; some may be pros already who don’t need to be taken through the basics anymore. Some don’t need thorough education and training, while some desire ultra-short courses.

This versatility is even more important in the art space, where innovation and creativity surpass grades. Therefore, we have created various courses tailored to varying interests, level of expertise, and skill. Some courses deal with specific areas of painting, while some others treat painting as a whole.

Short Courses

There are short-duration courses, whose aim is to bring you up to speed on painting skills and knowledge. These courses often take only a few hours, spanning across a few days (typically, just three days).

Notably, we have a course on dealing and working with brushes. Brushes are one of the most crucial tools that you will make use of in your painting career. Without brushes, almost no painting can take place. However, painting jobs, types, and projects vary, necessitating the development of different types of brushes. As a result, you need to understand these brush types, how they work and how to effectively apply them to your painting projects.

This expert-taught course spanning a few days will equip you with all the requisite knowledge on brushes, and more. There is also a course that deals with abstract painting. The course is meant for both absolute beginners and fairly experienced persons in the art of abstract painting.

Summer Classes

Do you want to gain a detailed and thorough knowledge of various areas of painting? Then, painting summer classes are best for you. These courses deal with different painting areas and equip you with all the skills needed for such desired areas. The specific skills covered include:

  • Creating quality human portraits.
  • High-level illustration.
  • Advanced training on watercolours.
  • Combining the worlds of drawing and painting.

The courses in this category are much more thorough and take a considerable length of time.