Our Gallery and COVID-19

The still-ravaging pandemic has distorted our normal lives in unimaginable ways. Being outdoors and relating freely used to be the normal, sensible way of life in the past. However, sadly that is no longer the case; and even unfortunately, that may be the status quo for the foreseeable future. No one likes how things have turned out, but it appears that we are helpless in the face of this biological enemy.

Nevertheless, there are still things we can do. There are ways around this – to protect ourselves, and equally, to protect others. Those things we can do centre around observing the basic yet highly important instructions that the health authorities have given us.

At the Black Fellows Gully, we always want to see you around. We crave you coming to visit the Institute. Yet, and more importantly, we value your well-being above all things. We want you to be healthy, hale, and hearty. If you are all of these things, visiting would not be a problem at all. Thus, we have done the hard work to ensure that you continue to enjoy what we offer without compromising your health. Now, you can access a number of our offerings virtually, right from the comfort of your home.

We have ensured that you can take classes, attend events, and access other things from our websites and through video conferencing software. However, we do acknowledge that you cannot enjoy everything in a virtual format. Most people still want to visit, and we have arranged for that, although on a very limited scale.

We have made it a policy at the Institute to imbibe these basic preventive guidelines. We have customised some of them to ensure maximum safety for you when you visit. And let us not forget, not only are we protecting ourselves when we adhere, we are equally doing good to the world by protecting others as well.

Put Your Masks On

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has recommended that putting on masks is a very effective measure in preventing the virus’s spread. Thus, we highly recommend that when you are within the premises of the Gallery, you put on your face masks.

Why the Mask?

The face mask provides a tool for us to prevent this. Studies have shown that masks provide at least 79% protection against the virus.

You should ensure that the mask well covers the mouth and nose, just under the face. We strongly recommend that you do not just let it hang around the nose.

Keep the Distance

To protect ourselves and others, we must maintain physical distance while in public. The minimum distance we are allowed to keep from others while on-premises is 1.5 meters; however, we can do more. Of all the preventive measures, this is regarded as the most effective.

What does this space requirement connote in the practical sense? It is equivalent to almost two arm’s length from the next person. If we adhere to all of these protocols, we can ensure that we keep ourselves safe while still enjoying the outdoors.