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Black Fellows Gully!

People. Arts. Craft. Talent Development. Cultural Preservation. Community. These and more are just some of the things that we stand for at Black Fellows Gully.

Developing Professional Artists

We are a community of persons aiming to build and nurture arts talents, irrespective of age. We provide comprehensive, well-taught bespoke programs that are aimed at developing professional artists out of complete beginners. Our atmosphere is quite relaxing and friendly for learning.

Our Courses

Our courses include:

Short Courses

Short courses provide students with the chance to take up an area of art, enough to gain the basic skills without overtly committing a long amount of time to it. With short courses, you can quickly learn a skill to a satisfactory extent, gain rudimentary mastery and grasp of whatever area of art you are interested in.

Semester Classes

Do you want to go quite in-depth with your learning? Do you want to gain particular mastery of an area of the Arts? Then you should go for our semester classes.


At the Black Fellows Gully, we recognise the importance of painting and the interest that many persons have in it. In turn, we have created different programs. Studies report that one of the biggest challenges budding painters face is access to quality education to refine and polish their skills. Look no further as we have made the efforts to produce some of the best painting education programs you can find around.


Printmaking as an art has existed for long, but it is constantly evolving and transforming. Our educational programs on printmaking are divided into introductory and advanced classes.



Do you like to create real objects with your hands? Do you wish to wish to bring your ideas to life? Or you are the type that wants to take ideas off the pages of papers and translate them to actual physical objects that can be seen, felt, and touched? Then sculpture is the thing for you.

Jewellery Making

Jewellery making is one of the most lucrative areas of arts. This is because it is highly rewarding – financially and in terms of opportunities for career advancement. It is also quite vast, providing students with a vast area of knowledge to choose from. The crux of jewellery making is in smithing; and our program focuses, amongst other things, on silversmithing.


Our ceramics program is quite rigorous, thorough, and comprehensive. This accounts for the considerable length of time that the program takes. Despite all of these, it was specifically designed to transform the complete beginner into a professional ceramic artist.


A very long time ago, art used to be an abstract venture; there were mostly almost no real applications of artistic expressions. However, along the line, we started to see the “abstract” arts making their ways into physical objects. We could now see, touch, feel and above all, appreciate them better. This formed the crux of craft.


We are in Australia.