Our Short Courses

Short courses provide students with the chance to take up an area of art, enough to gain the basic skills without overtly committing a long amount of time to it. With short courses, you can quickly learn a skill to a satisfactory extent, gain rudimentary mastery and grasp of whatever area of art you are interested in.

These short courses are most especially helpful in cases where you do not want to commit long hours to any art area but just want to acquire enough requisite working knowledge. Do you want to bring yourself up to speed on the basics of a particular area in arts without really committing to the long-term rigour yet? Then the short courses are the best for you. With short courses, you have access to impactful workshops covering the nitty-gritty of whatever artwork or art skill you aim for. 

The short courses are very practical-oriented; thus, they leave out much bulky and seemingly unnecessary content. They thus focus on equipping you with the fundamental skills and knowledge necessary to have a command of whatever the course is about. You can always set yourself up, immediately after taking any short course.

We have outlined a wide range of short courses, covering varying skills and different expertise levels, and even age categories. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you will find a list of short courses for you.

Beginner Short Courses

Persons who are absolute newcomers to art as a whole or specific art area will find these courses quite useful. The beginner courses will help you grasp some key areas of artwork; this will serve as a good foundation upon which to build expert and more complex knowledge.

Our beginner courses include those on working with brushes. In painting, drawing, ceramics, and most other arts areas, the brush is an indispensable tool; it is an important part of an artist’s arsenal. Thus, it is very important that you know-how about brushes quite well and how to use them to create good work.

Nevertheless, you don’t want to spend a long time on this, because there is so much more to learn. Thus, a short course will be the best for you to get fundamental mastery of brush usage. We have courses covering abstract painting, as well as an understanding of dyes and colours.

Specific Crafts

Looking to go into specific crafts in the arts, but just want to jump right into the practicals? Then these series of short courses are the best for you.

In this category, we have ultra-short courses in areas like ceramics, drawing, and fabric printing. Do you want to learn how to make beautiful ceramic glazes yourself almost right away? Or are you looking to produce high-quality, still drawings? Then these courses are the best for you. Furthermore, there are courses for specific age groups, especially younger and aspiring artists.

Typically, our short courses take a few days – and rarely, weeks. After a few days or a few weeks, you would have gathered enough skills to help you launch almost immediately.