How to shape the hips: the most effective tricks and tips

How to shape the hips with power
One of the factors that can be worked on is power. You need to pay attention to what you eat, trying to eliminate foods that are enemies of your hips, first of all fats and foods that are too high in calories . Reduce fried foods, sugars, aged cheeses and fatty foods and instead consume lots of fruit and vegetables , starting with breakfast. Starting the day by eating a fruit is a good habit, just as it is good to consume fruit for a mid-morning snack .

Physical activity to shape the hips
Paying attention to nutrition is not enough and it is very important to follow a healthy lifestyle, which includes physical activity , because a sedentary life certainly does not help. There is no need to do some kind of sport to shape the hips. The treadmill is very useful. But if you don’t like the gym or don’t have time to go there, even a quick walk or a bike ride is enough and will help you re-oxygenate your muscles and sculpt your hips. Then there are a whole series of exercises , including squats , which are very effective.

Modeling the hips with the corrective underwear
Another remedy is corrective underwear , that is, panties and shorts, which not only shape the hips but also crush the belly and lift the buttocks. Forget grandmother’s knickers, the new underwear is comfortable to wear and is made with materials and fabrics that make it also beautiful to look at.

Shape the hips: heels yes or no?
Some women love them, others hate them, but in this case the heels are allies. With heels, the figure will look more slender and the hips will appear less round.